A FLOMAX® 8, 316 SS PumPAK® is a fully assembled and run tested pump end that can be easily coupled to a number of drivers such as hydraulic motors, 56C and 145TC frame motors and gas engines. A bearing pedestal is also available for T-frame motor or belt drive.

Standard features include a 2″ NPT 150# class flat flange on the suction of the pump, a Viton flapper, 2″ SAE 4-bolt flat face discharge connection, stainless steel drive sleeve, stainless steel fasteners, renewable 316 SS wearplate, and a semi-open dynamically balanced 316 SS impeller. Options include a 5-blade high flow 316 stainless steel impeller and seals for all types of abrasive and/or corrosive services.

The FLOMAX® series of pumps are commonly used in Industrial, OEM, Agricultural and Marine applications, such as: Bilge Pumps, Auxiliary Fire Pumps, Ballast Transfer Pumps, Washdown Pumps, Fertilizer and Pesticide Pumps, Applicators & Sprayers, Blending Pumps, Nurse Tanks, Bulk Transfer Pumps and much more.

APPLICATION- Agricultural, Industrial, Marine, OEM
MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION- 316 stainless steel
FLOW Up to 150 GPM
HEAD FEET- UP to 100′
IMPELLER- 5.0″ max. diameter, semi-open
MOTOR- Up to 3HP
DRIVE OPTIONS- Close coupled to 145TC, Close Coupled to 56C, Engine mount to 5.5HP, Engine mount to 6.5HP, Pedestal, PumPAK® (without motor)
SEAL- Carbon/Ceramic/Viton, Special seal material combinations available (consult factory)
FEATURES- Renewable wear plate, Up to 25′ suction lift
OPTIONS- 5 blade impeller for higher flows, Available 2″ NPT ANSI 150# class discharge flange kit (p/n: 36607), Hydraulic motor .37 cu. in., Hydraulic motor .45 cu. in., Hydraulic motor .58 cu. in.
SUCTION- 2″ NPT ANSI 150# class flat flange with Viton flapper
DISCHARGE- 2″ ANSI 4-bolt flange connection, Optional 2″ NPT ANSI 150# Flange Available.Part number for Optional ANSI Discharge Flange K

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