PACER Drum Pump 115V


The series DP drum pumps are available in polypropylene, pure PVDF or polished 316 stainless steel as well as in lengths to meet your requirements. They also can be used interchangeably with any of our three electric & two air motors. Seal-less design allows 30 minutes of dry operation under certain conditions. No priming is necessary.316 Stainless models handle most solvents & organic acids, as well as salt solutions, nitrous acids, dyes, all alkalies, potable liquids to 200f. May be used for flammable or explosive liquids.

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PACER Drum Pump 115V

Motor type:  ODP-S
Pump Assembly:  CPVC
Pump Length:  39″
Hose:  6 ft. (1.8),  I.D.  1″ (25 mm) PVC
Dispensing Nozzle:  1″  (25),  Polypropylene
Barrel Adapter:  Polypropylene
Storage Bracket:  Steel
Max. flow rate:  15 gpm
Max. pressure:  35 ft.
Max viscosity:  1500 cps (mPas)
Max. temperature:  190 F

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions39 × 9 × 30 in
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