About Us

Quality Products and Quality Service, That's Our Business!
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Why Palmetto Pumps Systems?

Palmetto Pump Systems is a family owned and operated process water pump supplier and distributor. Specializing in general process water pumps, wastewater pumps, pit mining pumps, irrigation pumps, sump pumps, and custom packaged pump trailers and booster pump stations. Our engineering team have over 35 years experience designing water pump systems for the municipal, industrial and agricultural markets.

Top brands such as: Pentair Berkeley, Myers, Pacer Pump, Pioneer Pump and much more.

Our Mission

To provide superior service and products that create lasting relationships with clients.

Our Objective

As a Pump Supplier that specializes in Custom Pump Trailers, Skids, and Enclosed Package Systems, We strive to provide all customers with quality solutions along with excellent customer service support.